Pandemic: 10th Anniversary


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Pandemic celebrated its 10th birthday in 2018 and what better way to celebrate than for Z-Man Games to release a super-deluxe anniversary edition of the game. While saving the world from the spread of four deadly diseases you and your team of elite disease control specialists can enjoy new art, a very special box and upgraded components.

The beautiful sky-blue wall-mountable steel box is modelled on old-fashioned briefcase-style medical kits and really looks the business. Inside is an insert that holds the components intuitively and displays them wonderfully.

The game comes complete with highly-detailed sculpted figures representing the original seven roles from the second edition of the base game (Medic, Scientist, Researcher, Dispatcher, Contingency Planner, Operations Expert and Quarantine Specialist). These figures have a painted wash to bring out detail and each figure comes complete with its own colour-coded base. Definitely quite an upgrade from the pawns of the original game!

The board is a lot bigger than previous iterations, providing a wonderful sense of space and vastness. It also has all new artwork, evoking a vintage style that displays a very realistic map of the world. This vintage style runs through all cards and artwork in the game.

There are silk-screen petri dishes to store the disease cubes, which are finished in high quality wood, harking back to the first edition of Pandemic.

This special anniversary edition of Pandemic is a must-have for fans and is expected to have a limited print run, so get it while you can!

Player Count: 2-4
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 8+


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